Tablet LCD Panel


Bring the touch-enabled capabilities of New Vission Interactive Whiteboard to your plasma or LCD flat-panel display. New Vission Interactive Panel combines the advantages of an LCD monitor with the simplicity of using a pen-input device. The New Vission PenStar LCD Monitor and its comprehensive software bundle turn a simple PC monitor into a PC tablet for pen-based applications of almost limitless diversity.

Whether you're teaching a lesson from a podium or a desk, the New Vission PANEL allows you to add annotations and life to your material, while continually facing your students. A highly effective 'Paperless Office' tool, this device enables the user to annotate on the top of any software running on the connected computer, make real-time interactive presentations, send hand-written or digitally signed emails, compose images, and even supports handwriting recognition while constantly facing your audience.

All of the notes, images, and annotations can be saved in a variety of formats, printed or e-mailed for action items, absent students of anyone else may need to see them. The PenStar Interactive Panel can be used in conjunction with any of the New Vission Interactive products including the Interactive Board, Interactive Pad and High Resolution Visualizer.

Key Features

  • Electromagnetic Handwriting tablet.
  • Adjustable stand allows the users to see and write in comfort.
  • A VGA output connector, providing an easy method of connecting projectors and monitors.
  • SXGA 1280 X 1024 pixels
  • Anti Scratch Protective glass
  • 1024 pressure levels

Following are some of the benefits of using Interactive Board

  • Simple and easy to use. Simply pick up the pen and replace the mouse as battery operated wireless pen provides full mouse capability. (Left &right click, drag & drop etc.)
  • Create and present interactive lessons from anywhere in the classroom.
  • Make annotations and notes right on the screen.
  • Easy to install and extremely intuitive software to make your lessons fully interactive.
  • All images, annotations and notes can be saved in variety of formats, printed or emailed.
  • Improve audience focus, reduce instruction time and increase retention.
  • Powerful Interactive White board software brings discussions alive by allowing you to illustrate your points to audience though drawings.

Contact Us

Contact Us

  • Our business address is: Naar Shlv Mandl, SubhashPura. Bikaner- 334001
  • +91-9414147876 / or + 91-9414137676

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