Interactive Writing Pad


NEW VISSION wireless writing pad is easy-to-use device for computer input and digital painting. It gives you and your students the freedom to interact with digital contents from anywhere in the room helping create more active learning environment. It comes with a battery operated wireless pen. As you use the pen to write on the surface of the wireless slate; your handwriting displays on both your computer screen and interactive whiteboard for all to see.

You can interact and annotate over your current topics, PowerPoint slides, Web pages or any other computer application - from anywhere in the room. The teacher can easily reach all students in the classroom by handing them the Interactive Pad and giving them the opportunity to solve problems and demonstrate their knowledge on the Pad.

Wireless capability provides an added benefit for students with limited mobility, since interactive pad can move to where they sit, and helps you reach shyer students in your class.

If you are using the Interactive Pad in combination with the Interactive Whiteboard, one student can write on the interactive whiteboard at the same time as a classmate writes on the Interactive Pad. Each student's annotations will appear simultaneously, making it easy to involve students on the fly using real-time collaboration

Key Features

  • Compact and Ergonomic Design
  • Precise and light weight cordless pen provides all necessary mouse functions
  • Extra Pressure sensitivity
  • Accuracy with high resolution
  • Works with major graphics editing software
  • Smooth drawing and fast report rate
  • Entirely wireless
  • Convenient to use

Following are some of the benefits of using Interactive Board

  • You can enjoy a higher level of interaction with your audience while delivering more captivating presentations or lessons.
  • Keep participants focused on your topic at the front of the room - even have them come up to the Interactive Pad to solve problems interactively.
  • Maximum interaction with audience as teachers and presenters no longer to stay rooted to one place in front of the class.
  • You can write a problem on the Interactive Board and ask your students to solve it on the interactive pad. This work will be projected for the whole class to see.
  • Save, Print and Email all your topics, notes and files
  • Applicable to all Microsoft Office applications.
  • Create exciting and engaging topics with the extensive Interactive image gallery and topic resources.
  • Create a highly interactive learning environment by engaging all participants with the matter being presented.

Contact Us

Contact Us

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