High Resolution Visualizer

New Vission high resolution Visualizer offers you a convenient way to display and explore images of objects anytime and never lose the momentum of your lesson. The visualizer's seamless integration with Interactive learning software allows you to capture images and instantly add them to a page in the software. You can also write over images in digital ink or save them in the Gallery for later use. It conveniently connects to other interactive products including panel and PC as well.

Key Features

  • 850000 - 1300000 pixels
  • Progressive Flicker free output
  • Seamless switching.
  • Powerful LED lamps
  • 350 degree camera rotation
  • Flexible Shooting angles
  • Auto image optimization
  • Fast and easy Auto Focus
  • Rich color spectrum

Following are some of the benefits of using Visualizer

  • You can put any image under the camera and your treasures are projected in a vivid detail on the White Board for all to see. (Left &right click, drag & drop etc.)
  • You can easily examine the small images with zoom and auto focus.
  • Powerful 12X zoom.
  • 3D objects can be viewed and shared.
  • New Vission visualize can also display the negative of an image.
  • Capture still frames of the images and save to the computer for future work.

Contact Us

Contact Us

  • Our business address is: Naar Shlv Mandl, SubhashPura. Bikaner- 334001
  • +91-9414147876 / or + 91-9414137676

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